Company Chronicle


The company Fritz Robering was founded as a painting enterprise in Bodenburg.


The founder of the company, Fritz Robering, develops a special profile that diverts condensation water right underneath the windowpane. Additionally a soft-PVC profile has been developed, in order to put a second windowpane on the existing wooden window frame. At that time, this kind of attachment window was a very intelligent invention. Nevertheless, to find a manufacturer for these profiles and to build up a powerful distribution proved to be difficult.


Rising demand and the need for more space led to a removal into the industrial area of Vlotho. A stormy and innovative period followed. The range of products was constantly extended.


The company was converted into a limited commercial partnership. The new name was: Fritz Robering KG


Another production plant was built on property Buhnstraße 82. The company started to develop an extruding enterprise and became more independent on subcontracting firms. The work routine became more flexible, in order to suit the constantly growing clientele. Furthermore, the number of employees was constantly increased and Robering started to offer the service of  window renovation in the surrounding area.


Development and production of the first DF-attachment window profile DF 4/22 from hard PVC with hinges and  sash fasteners (still available).


First conversion profile ?Standard? to change plain glass wooden windows into insulation glass windows. ?Standard? consists of a basic aluminium profile and a plastic insert profile.


The company starts the co-extrusion of hard- and soft-PVC. The first profiles were draft sealings with soft sealing lips, in order to seal door and window folds. These profiles are still part of our product spectrum.


In order to arrange the work routine more economically, a new business premise was necessary. The new building was to be constructed at Möllberger Straße 2 in Vlotho about 500 m distance to the headquarters. In April 1971 the laying of the foundation stone took place. For the first time, it was now possible to produce and to dispatch the whole range of products at one place. Constant improvement and the untiring work of Robering?s workers and owners led to further expansion and additional building projects.


Robering produced the first plastic conversion profile T - T (thermal-exchange).


Another conversion profile followed - K 80 (to change plain glass windows into insulation glass windows), which proved to be a very successful product in the following years.


Another production centre (2000qm) was built at Möllberger Straße 2. The official opening took place in August.


The conversion profiles K 80 DL and New DL with coextruded soft sealing lips were added to Robering`s product catalogue.


The founder of the company, Fritz Robering, died unexpectedly. His wife, Gertrud Robering, took over the business.
In the same year a new innovative highlight was born ? the self- adhesive window bar with coextruded soft sealing lips. Furthermore, self-adhesive flat fillets and chamber profiles with coextruded soft sealing lips were developed as new products (innovations of the company Fritz Robering KG). Nowadays the whole Robering spectrum of products covers more than 100 different profiles.


To improve the delivery capability and the quality of décor profiles, a wrapping plant was built.

TURN of the YEAR


The company Robering KG is taken over by Mr. Roy Grote and changed into Fritz Robering Gmbh & Co.KG


Formation of the subsidiary Robering France SARL, seated in Paris. Development of the ecothermal-coversion profile and presentation of the bar series with sidewards 25° slant.


Restructuring of the extrusion plant. Appointment of Günther Hasse (working for Robering since 1954) as authorized representative.


Foundation of the company Rotex Gmbh Co.KG together with Mr. Erwin Reineke for the development and marketing of system solutions. The first project is an inlying PVC-glass bar (see also Test report of the IFT Rosenheim concerning the sticking quality of Robering-PVC-window bars on insulation glass in connection with VITO Irmen adhesive tape.

At the End of 2001

The current product catalogue appears in a new design.


Currency reform (EURO ?)


Start-up of the newly build silo plant for PVC-granules


Restoration of Robering`s facilities


The attorney Mr. Günther Hasse takes his well-deserved retirement after 49 years of job tenure


50th anniversary of the establishment of the company Fritz Robering


Start-up of the new palettsstore in the former production hall for window modernization


Celebration of the 50th firm anniversary


Conversion of the building heatings to pollution free natural gas


At the firm jubilee 3,580 ? were collected and the additional sum of 1,420 ? was donated by the family Grote and Fritz Robering GmbH & Co.KG. The whole sum was handed over to the promotion circle Kinderhaus Bad Oexen e.V. (


New extrusion-line IDF


New window bar GL 6413


New Battenfeld-line


New pricelist 2007 (additional products)


Nowadays Robering is not only caring for many content German and European clients but also collaborating with companies of the former Soviet Union. These newly found partners distribute and sell Robering`s high-quality products in their own countries.