window bars

fat-free by acetone or spirit-destilled watermixture 1:1, glass must be dried afterwards. Moisture film prevents conglutination.

processing  temperature:     
Don´t stick on cold or moisted glass! Adhesive tape has no or only slight starting adherence. Processing temperature for insulation glass and window-bar profiles not below 16°C! Curing and rest period take 12 to 24 hours at a temperature of 14 to 18°C.

according to diagramm with a circular cross-cut saw, length minus 1.0 mm. Cutting slopes have to be cut to give space to the adhesive tape, so that it can lay freely on the pane and stick everywhere with only a slight adhesion pressure.

window bars GL 2010, GL 2713 and GL 3513 require only a cut of 45° at the cross-joint; to get the sealing lips absolutely tight you have to use a special cutting appliance (available at our firm).

take caution:    
Don´t cut profiles too long and don´t adhere them on tension, because of this the adhesive tape can not stick forecefully and therefore the profiles will fall down after some time.

For preassembly and alinement pull the protecting foil only off the end of the window bars; the bars must be alined and softly pressed against the pane. Now the protecting foil must be pulled off the entire bar. The window bar has to be pressed in full length and width against the pane, so that the adhesive tape has close contact with the glass.

decor profiles:    
window bars with decor wrapping should be cut of 25 mm (at least) at their ends because of technical specifications which could lead to a non-perfect conglutination of the foil.