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Furthermore, you can contact us via email or download assembly instructions of our profiles.
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For decades the name Robering stands for high quality profiles. Due to nearly 60 years of experience within this area we are not only capable of producing top quality but also developing and realizing new profile innovations.

Window bars with white sealing lips and black adhesive tape are no longer in stock. The manufacturing of such a combination occurs as a special production with an appropriate period of delivery. Profiles with grey sealing lips are delivered with black adhesive tape. Excessive quantities in consequence of a special production order (in white or decor) have to be taken by the orderer.
Due to the concentration of profile systems on white colours like RAL 9016, shades like RAL 9010 and RAL 9003 are nowadays special colours. It is still possible to produce them on demand.

Our standard profiles are manufactured exclusively from new hard- and soft-PVC (no use of recycling products). Thus, our profiles are in all shades matching all window systems ? with optimal colourfastness, weather- and UV-stability. There are no colour deviations in case of subsequent deliveries or supplementary orders.

The doublesided PE-foam adhesive tape that we use is another absolute top product. Its producer, the company Vito, gives a function warranty for 10 years (in connection with correct processing).
The compatibility of this tape and Robering profiles has been positively tested by the IFT Rosenheim in 2000. (The test report can be ordered free of charge).

Renolit foil, which is widely known for its high quality, is used for our coated profiles. Thus, the d├ęcors of your window system will perfectly match with your purchased Robering profiles.

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